Grade 12 – Voortrekker High School

Grade 12

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Geography Grade 12

Topic Geomorphology
Content Fluvial Processes

  • River profiles  transverse profile, longitudinal profile and their relationship to different stages of a river.
  • Identification and descriptions of fluvial landforms.
  • Meanders, ox-bow lakes and braided streams, floodplain, natural levee, waterfall, rapids and delta.
  • River grading
  • Rejuvenation of rivers: reasons and resultant features such as knick point, terraces and incised meanders.
  • River capture (stream piracy): the concepts of abstraction and river capture: features associated with river capture (captured stream, misfit stream, elbow of capture, wind gap).
  • Superimposed and antecedent drainage patterns.

Textbook/Resources  Via Afrika Pg. 136 –  157
Assessment/Informal Activities 5 – 10 Unit Assessment Pg. 155